Nannies instead of nurseries

Parents are choosing to share nannies with other families instead of sending children to nurseries


Mums and dads are finding sharing a nanny can work out cheaper than nursery fees, reports The Guardian.


The number of nannies working in the UK has grown from around 115,000 in 2003 to as many as 160,000, a recent survey by Nannyshare found.

“It is becoming more affordable to hire a nanny and people are more comfortable meeting online. The other big trend is flexible working. People have far more need for childcare support,” said Ben Black, who runs Nannyshare.

Asa Nilsdotter from Nannytax said her company has had the busiest summer on record, with more parents choosing to share a nanny due to the credit crunch. The number of nannies jointly employed by more than one family has risen over the past 18 months, from 17% to 24%. “We are seeing a lot more mothers returning to work. Sharing a nanny is highly cost effective,” said Asa.

Mum Fiona Jull from Wandsworth said: “I just assumed I would put my baby into nursery when I went back to work. Then I looked at having a nanny but realised it would cost half my salary so I decided to share. I found a family just around the corner.”


Do you share a nanny? Let us know what childcare has worked out for you….

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