Here at MFM HQ we know that nothing stirs up a good debate quite like the classic topic of nappy changing in public.


When and where you should or shouldn't, whether it makes a difference if it's poo or wee - loads of people have a lot to say about.

Just recently, we shared the story of a mum who was asked to leave a restaurant after changing her baby in his pram because the toilets weren't suitable.

And today, we've come across this story, from a mum in Guildford, who's revealed she was criticised by a cafe owner for changing one of her twins on the grass outside his eatery.

Mum Dion Skull explained to Mirror Online that she changed twins Luca and Zack before going to the cafe, as she has a double buggy and knows it doesn't fit into their changing room.

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However - as so often happens - once they got there one of the boys had something of a poonami and she knew she had a clean-up job to do.

As she was sitting outside, with a group of other mums, she took her little boy over to the grass and changed him there.


The outside of the cafe where the incident happened

"My other son, Luca, has separation anxiety and I only briefly knew the mums I was having lunch with, so I didn't want to leave him on his own," Dion added.

"I quickly changed Zack's nappy on the grass but the manager said she had customers complain to her and say they were never going to come again because I had changed my boy's nappy outside."

Dion says she felt "embarrassed, humiliated and distressed" by the encounter and burst into tears when she left ?

Goodness, such a tricky one ?

From what we can tell, we totally get why Dion did what she did - a quick change to the side on the grass, meaning she was close to Luca while Zack got cleaned up.

On the other hand - the sight and smell of a pooey nappy while you're having your lunch ain't too appetising, and we get that as well.

And we do know the cafe had a decent change area - as they've shared a pic of it on Facebook:


The cafe changing room

Hmmm, if only life were neat and perfect, Zack would have saved his poonami for home...

Thing is, life isn't like that, and sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do when you've got to do it - and so do our babies, right?

What do you think?

What would you have done in Dion's situation? Was she right to do a quick change on the grass, or should she have left Luca for a minute with the other mums and used the baby change facility?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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