Pregnant Natasha Hamilton has revealed she's having a baby girl – after having had three boys.


And Natasha says she burst out crying when she and her partner Ritchie Neville discovered their baby’s sex.

"Little girls have been so on my radar. I see them with pigtails and frilly socks with their mums and I still can't believe I'm having a mini-me," Natasha, 31, told OK! magazine.

"I knew in my heart, because of how different this pregnancy was, but I pushed the thought aside because I didn't want to tempt fate. I thought it would never happen. I burst out crying.”

Natasha also admitted she's been having "horrific anxiety attacks" during her pregnancy.

She said she recently got a urine infection and that made her panic about going into labour prematurely – something that can happen, in rare cases, if the infection spreads to your kidneys.

"I was in so much pain," she said. "My belly was tightening. It was frightening – water infections can trigger premature labour – but luckily I caught it just in time."

Now that that scare is over, and the scan has been done, dad-to-be 5ive singer Ritchie Neville, 34, says he's more excited than ever about the baby.

Ritchie admitted the scan news made him "well up with tears". "It's amazing," he said.

"They say only real men can make daughters,” he then joked. "I was shell-shocked and like: 'Oh s***, I'm going to have to be an extra-protective dad. What if she brings an idiot back when she's 18?' A boy was going to be a lot easier – what am I meant to do with a girl?”

Natasha is due to give birth to her first girl on September 26th.

She's already mum to 3 boys: 11-year-old Josh, from her relationship with Fran Cosgrave; 3-year-old Alfie, from her marriage to Riad Erraji; and 9-year-old Harry, from another relationship.



MadeForMums Writer - Jessica Gibb