Natasha Hamilton’s baby unleashes a poonami

One minute she looks angelic but just a moment later... Could you tell the subtle warning signs?


Baby Ella Rose might look sweet all dressed in pink in her cot, but don’t be fooled… mum Natasha Hamilton reveals she was just about to release a poonami!


“This was our angelic daughter before she did the biggest Poonami I’ve ever seen!” the 32-year-old tweeted. Well, we’re not surprised. See that little twinkle in the 5-month-old’s eye along with a slight concentrated gaze? That’s the poonami warning face. It’s so subtle we’re not surprised she missed it!


After a restless night suffering from sniffles and teething pains, you’d expect Ella to be more than a bit grouchy. But the tot was so full of smiles mum Natasha just had to go on a bit of a selfie spree.

Sharing the adorable black and white snaps, both mum and daughter are bright-eyed and giggling. “She’s not really slept because she’s full of cold & teething but I still get this 1st thing she wakes….#adorable,” Natasha tweeted.

Photos: Twitter / Natasha Hamilton

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