Nearly half of all toddlers are surfing the net

Study reveals pre-schoolers are becoming tech-savvy at a younger age


Forget playing with a wooden train set or dressing up Barbie, today’s tots are more likely to be browsing the web than getting active.


Research conducted by media regulator Ofcom, found that 37% of three to four-year-olds are using the internet at home and 4% are logging on at nursery.

The computer habits of these tech savvy tots showed the majority use a PC or laptop to surf the web, but one in 10 will use a tablet device, like an iPad, at home.

The study ‘Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes,’ revealed the UK’s gadget loving kids are logging online to visit websites, watch films, and play video games, spending around six hours a week doing so. 

Although the web is having greater value to children at increasingly younger ages, the research found that half of five to seven-year-olds would miss the TV, more than the internet, if it was gone.

“Children are not just using more media, they are also adopting some forms at a very young age,” said Claudio Pollack, Ofcom’s consumer group director.

“This highlights the challenge that some parents face in keeping up with their children when it comes to technology.”

Earlier this year, our very own survey revealed that 22% of one-year-olds use computers and 45% have a gaming console or tablet by the age of three.

The great screen time debate is nothing new, with some professionals believing TV should be banned for tot’s under three.

Does your little one surf the net?

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