New baby costs 6 months of sleep!

Parents of a new baby lose out on the equivalent of 6 months’ sleep in 2 years


Sleep deprivation and a new baby go hand in hand, but a new survey has found that new parents miss out on a whopping 6 months’ worth of sleep in the first two years. Silentnight beds asked over 1,000 new parents about their sleeping habits and found that 75% got less than 4 hours a night.


It’s recommended to get around 5 hours of ‘base sleep’ a night. This helps you function properly and keeps you feeling more or less normal. Any less and you can feel depressed, anxious and irritable. Many couples cited exhaustion as the reason for constant arguing and sometimes, relationship breakdown.

“It is hugely important for adults to get at least the minimum recommended hours of basal sleep per night,” said Iftikhar Mirza, a sleep scientist. “Otherwise they become irritable, perform badly in the workplace and their alertness is seriously hampered,” she added.

Iftikhar recommends getting your baby into a routine as quickly as possible and keeping your immune system healthy by eating well and taking regular gentle exercise.


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