New baby photos appear on Facebook an hour after birth

A poll shows 62% of parents post pics online 60 minutes after baby's birth


An hour after giving birth, two thirds of parents share their baby’s photo on Facebook.


Over 2,000 parents were surveyed. The poll asked parents how soon after their child was born an image appeared on social media. The average time was 57.9 minutes.

62% of parents uploaded the photos themselves, other family members made up 22% of those who shared the snap, and friends made up 16%.

The most popular place parents shared was Facebook at 77%. Instagram was the next most popular, at 48%, followed by Flickr at 32%.

22% of those parents who shared admitted that they did it to “brag and ‘better’ other parents’ photos”. But the show-offs weren’t the majority: 59% of those who shared said they did so “keep family and friends updated” and 49% said they posted them to “express love for their children”.

The poll was conducted by and it questioned parents who had children aged 5 and under.

Co-founder Marc Phellps, said: “The fact that a picture of the average newborn is now online within an hour just goes to highlight the enormous impact social media has had on our lives in the past 5 years, and how prevalent these pages are in helping to keep loved ones informed on the special occasions in our lives, such as the birth of a new child.”

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