New book ‘blames’ mums for naughty children

Author and psychologist Oliver James suggests working mums and daycare are the cause of children’s bad behavior


Oliver James, author of the 2002 parenting guide, “They F*** You Up”, is set to stir up the debate about working mothers and childcare with his new book. He suggests that working mums who leave their kids in daycare are responsible for their bad behaviour.


In the new book, “How Not to F*** Them Up,” Oliver says mums of toddlers should avoid working outside the home or leaving young children in the care of others for long periods.

He writes that young children “need to be in the presence of a responsive, loving adult at all times. As a parent of a child of this age, you need to realize that if things go pear-shaped it is actually always your fault, in the sense that if you keep a close enough eye on them you can prevent atrocities.”

However, the psychologist and broadcaster claims he is “not remotely anti working mothers.” He claims, “I really don’t want to make life more difficult. I’m really trying to make it easier.”

Dr James also argues against the methods of Gina Ford and strict routine, claiming this disciplining could be compared to training them “like a dog in a laboratory”.

He also said that parenting rather than genes shapes character and that to connect with your own children you need to understand the methods of your parents.

How Not to F*** Them Up by James Oliver is out on June 3.


Are you a working mum? How do you feel about James Oliver’s claims?


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