Now, when we asked our mums on Facebook just a few days ago if they'd be doing a Christmas Eve box - opinion was divided.


On the whole, though, a lot of you said you'd do a small one with gifts like new PJs, a Christmas book and some hot choc for your little one.

But word on the street is that NOW there's a whole new box in town for Chrimbo - and it's due to be opened THIS WEEK.

The 1 December box is becoming a 'thing' according to some sources.

It includes things like: an Advent calendar, little treats like an Elf, a bauble for the tree, reindeer food, an invitation to meet Santa and perhaps a Christmas book to get your little one excited (as IF they need that ?)

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Hmmmm ???

Now, here at MFM HQ we do love getting into the Christmas spirit nice and early, and most of us have our Advent calendars ready for the kids.

But we can't say we were planning on a full-on box ? What about you?

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Tara BreathnachContent Editor and Social Media Producer

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