New convertible double pushchair on the way from cult buggy brand

Ideal for mums with a baby and toddler, Mountain Buggy’s +one tandem looks set to reach us soon (fingers crossed!)


Mountain Buggy is getting close to releasing its brand new pushchair, the +one. The big selling point of this 3-wheeler is that it can be used as a single buggy, a single travel system or as a double buggy.


As a tandem buggy, the +one puts your child in the rear seat in a higher position, so he or she can take in the world just as much as their brother or sister in the front. It means the shopping basket underneath can be fully utilised too – by you, not your child’s legs.

The way this tandem positions you two little passengers also won’t affect your stride. For active mums and dads, that’ll be great news and, according to Mountain Buggy, means no more bruised shins. This is definitely a claim we can’t wait to test out.

If using the +one with a newborn and toddler, your toddler can be in the front, and the fabric set extended, to take a lie-flat cocoon in the rear.

Our key features that we like the sound of include:

  • The large canopy – we’ve been told the height is adjustable and that it has zip mesh extensions, so your child in the rear seat has more headroom.
  • Height adjustable handle, from 78cm to 114cm.
  • Rear wheel suspension, to help give a smoother ride.
  • Quick twist and slide seat harness adjustment (we’ll let you know just how quick when we try it out!)
  • Lockable swivel front wheel.
  • Ability to be used as a single travel system, or to have a carrycot attached to create a rear-facing pram-like set-up (these two accessories are sold separately).

Price wise, the +one will be £649, for the buggy, cocoon for your newborn and second seat. Release date? Well, MB is keeping us guessing. We’ll tell you as soon as we hear!


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