New dad Ashton Kutcher says he’s too busy to have sex

Bringing up their new baby Wyatt leaves no time for sex with Mila Kunis, says actor


Ashton Kutcher has been so busy since becoming a new dad that he’s had to stop having sex! His fiancée Mila Kunis gave birth to their daughter Wyatt in October but the couple are yet to get their sex life back because, according to the actor, bringing up his baby and his acting career are taking up all his time.


“I decided to stop having sex. I took that out of my life. That was taking up so much time,” said the Two and a Half Men actor, according to the Metro, although we think he may be joking.

But 37 year-old Kutchner also revealed that he still find his wife-to-be very attractive and that if the opportunity is there he’ll take it. Talking about her new film, Jupiter Ascending he boasted, “Mila’s character is the Queen of Humanity. I have sex with the Queen of Humanity!”

And as well as being loved up with his wife-to-be, the new dad is clearly totally smitten with his 4-month-old daughter. “We were walking and I had baby Wyatt strapped to me. She’s beautiful, it’s new. Never gets old,” he said.

So how long after having a baby did you get back to your normal sex life? Let us know in the comments…

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