New dads to receive fathering guidebook

Government plans for a parenting booklet to be handed to all UK dads


Every new dad in the UK is to receive a “dad’s guide”, including info on breastfeeding and supporting their partner. The move is to be announced this week in a government green paper on families and relationships.


The booklet of info and advice has been compiled by the Fatherhood Institute (FI), the “UK’s fatherhood think-tank”. It’s to be sent to all new dads as of next month by being included in the Bounty Pack given to new mums. 

The FI are also creating a guide for midwives, so they can offer more support to dads.

The move is intended to help involve dads in their babies’ early months, which is not only good for a child, but is thought to help a couple’s relationship. Also, there’s evidence that dads involved at birth are much more likely to continue being involved into childhood and adolescence.

“All communications go to the mother, even if the father is in the same room. Fathers tell us that they get the impression they are not important. Yet if they understand breastfeeding and support it, mothers are much more likely to be successful when doing it.


“There is also a lot of evidence that children do better in school if fathers are involved in their education. And work shows that, where fathers are more involved with childcare, the couple is more satisfied in their own relationships. Sharing duties seems to make a marriage more stable,” the chief executive of FI, Rob Williams, said.


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