New Hollywood placenta craze: smear it on your skin!

Revolutionary treatment for aches and pains hits the rich and famous


From eating it to popping placenta pills, there’s been some pretty weird and wonderful stories about the placenta, but the newest craze? Smearing it on your skin to help ease aches and refresh your skin.


Arsenal footballer, Robin Van Persie, has kicked off the new craze in this country, flying out to Belgrade to have horse placenta rubbed into his injured ankle in bid to recover for this team’s next match.

He’s going to have treatment from a Serbian housewife, who rumour has it, has also treated two of Robin’s Dutch teammates for injuries. Apparently one of the footballers then recovered from his injury in a week, after doctors had said it would keep him off the pitch for a month.

It’s well known that some mums like to eat the placenta after giving birth – TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall memorably fried one up on Channel 4. But now, the latest beauty craze in Hollywood is a special ‘placenta facial’. After having a good massage with the luxurious placental face cream, your skin is apparently refreshed and energised.


What did you do with your placenta? We’d love to know your stories below…


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