New hope for Sir Elton John’s adoption bid

Singer could become legal guardian of Ukrainian toddler

Sir Elton John, 62, has been given new hope in his bid to adopt Ukrainian toddler Lev after it was announced he could become the boy’s legal guardian.


The singer’s dreams of adopting the HIV positive toddler were dashed earlier this week by the Ukrainian Family, Youth and Sports minister Yuri Pavlenko. He said the country’s laws would not allow the adoption as Sir Elton is too old and in a same-sex relationship.

However, Mr Pavlenko has now changed his mind. “Sir Elton has the right and opportunity to invite the family of this boy to visit him, take them under his guardianship and help him grow into a good person.”

Pavlenko’s new scheme would allow Sir Elton to bring 14-month-old Lev up in the UK with his partner, David Furnish, but also involve Lev’s mother, who would retain her parental rights.


The singer met Lev whilst visiting the orphanage on behalf of his Aids charity. If he were successful, he would follow in the footsteps of Madonna and Angelina Jolie, who both chose to adopt from abroad.

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