New mum loses battle with cancer after holding baby just once

A woman who refused chemotherapy in order to save her unborn baby dies after giving birth


Pregnant Stacie Crimm had to make the terrible decision of choosing between saving her own or her unborn baby’s life when she was diagnosed with cancer of the neck. Tragically, Stacie’s decision to opt out of chemotherapy for the health of her baby meant that just three days after her daughter, Dottie Mae, was born Stacie passed away.


Stacie, 41, had previously been told she was infertile, so the news that she was pregnant had been very welcome.

Dottie Mae had to be delivered by an emergency c-section after Stacie’s heart stopped. With Dottie Mai weighing just 2lb 1oz (a third of the average birth weight) both mum and baby were too weak to see each other. Heartbreakingly, Stacie wasn’t even able to sign her daughter’s birth certificate.

After asking her brother, Ray, to look after her baby if she didn’t pull through, Stacie managed to hold Dottie Mae just once before losing her fight with the disease.

Dottie Mae, who is described by her family as a miracle, will now live with her uncle Ray, his wife and their four children.

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