New mum Miranda Kerr prefers to be in knickers

Visitors to Orlando Bloom’s home could be in for a treat as his wife Miranda Kerr admits she’s usually to be found in her knickers


Miranda Kerr has been flaunting her fast return to her pre-baby body by revealing she likes to wander around the house in her (presumably Victoria Secret?) knickers.


“People have come to the house and I’m just in my knickers,” she told People magazine. But fortunately for the postman, she stops short of total naturism. “I feel like it’s more appropriate to have knickers on than being completely naked.”

But despite causing new mums to sigh exasperatedly as she flounces down the runway with a once-again washboard stomach, it’s not all come naturally. Orlando Bloom‘s missus explained that, while breastfeeding has helped her shed her baby weight, she’s also been on a strict regime of diet and exercise.

“I eat extremely healthily, I do yoga and I’ve been working out and I definitely think the breastfeeding helps as well.”

Having supermodel genes to begin with probably can’t have hurt either!

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