New mum Myleene Klass reveals why she’s gone straight back to work

Despite only giving birth less than three months ago, celebrity mum-of-two Myleene is already back into work mode


Maternity leave? Not for new mum Myleene Klass, who, less than three months after giving birth to her second daughter Hero Harper, is back at work, despite even her manager telling her to slow down.


“I’m not ready to not have Hero with me and I feel guilty if I don’t bring Ava, too. It’s probably insane isn’t it?” Myleene said when asked why she’s back working with her 10-week-old and 3-year-old in tow. “Whether it’s six months or six weeks, it was never going to be easy.”

Myleene, 32, who famously headed back to work just 10 days after she gave birth to Ava, is currently presenting the new music reality TV show, Popstar To Operastar. Talking about why she’s in a hurry to get back to work, she admitted, “I’m petrified showbusiness will leave me behind as it has before.”

However, despite her eagerness for her showbiz career to continue, she revealed that she isn’t keen on her daughters following in her footsteps. “You learn lessons in this business that my daughters should never have to learn. I want them to be valued for what they do and what they think – not because they’re wearing the right dress or are the right weight,’ Myleene admitted.

Myleene’s speedy return to work following her birth isn’t uncommon with celebrity mums. Some plan their return work schedule well before giving birth. Pregnant Ivanka Trump has done just that after she revealed that she’s planning her post-baby work already.

“I have meetings on the calendar two weeks after my due date, but of course, I’ll have to get to know the baby’s needs first,” she told Celebrity Baby Scoop.

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