Public baby-naming poll doesn’t *quite* go to plan

So, what is mum Jemma Roberts calling her rainbow baby boy?


A mum from Gloucestershire who asked the public to name her rainbow baby has finally revealed the chosen name ?


And it’s, erm, probably not what voters were expecting…

34-year-old Jemma Roberts asked the internet to choose from 3 baby names, when she was deliberating over her newborn son’s moniker.

She was struggling to find a name that perfectly suited him – after feeling a real connection to the name Sydney-May, which she gave to her daughter, who passed away of cot death at just 3 months old.

Well, the viral Facebook poll was airtight in that it left no room for baby Boaty McBoatface, and offered 3 top picks: Chay, Loki and Tate.

Alongside a pic of Jemma’s little one, the poll read: “”HELP. This little rainbow BOY is still nameless. Mummy and daddy just can’t choose so please vote for the name you like the most.”

And after thousands and thousands of voters cast their virtual ballots, the results were tallied, and the name was revealed as… Linc Loki Chay ?

Yep, Jemma revealed to Gloucestershire Live that the decision, in the end, was left up to family and friends, and was way too important for the public to weigh in on.

And she’d decided on Linc – which is typically a shortened version of the old-school baby name Lincoln.

“Something had to give, so I dropped Tate,” she told the paper. “[My children] Theo and Lauren have wanted it for a while and we all like the name so it seemed the way to go.

“I’m a bit gutted not naming him by myself but I do love it and I’m just pleased he’s got a name.”

Obvs your baby’s name is yours and your partner’s decision at the end of the day, 100% – but we also think it’s pretty funny that she left it to the public, everyone got invested in it, and then picked a different one anyway ???

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