New mums urged to take a year to slim down after birth

Don’t follow celebrity examples; take your time and it could benefit your baby, say experts


Celebrities who take drastic action to lose all the excess baby weight gained in pregnancy have been slammed by healthcare critics, claiming them as unhealthly role models.


After giving birth, you shouldn’t feel the pressure to shift the bulge before your baby has barely taken her first breath. Instead, take a year to regain your post-baby figure and do not feel guilty about putting your feet up, the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care has advised.

There’s no need to jump on the treadmill either, just eating healthily and steering clear from crash diets, will do the trick. “Evidence shows that a balanced diet helps – with or without extra exercise, but very strenuous exercise programmes soon after birth did not lead to extra weight loss,” healthcare expert Prof Peter Sawicki told the Metro.

Bad examples of speed dieting after birth include model Heidi Klum, who just 10 days after her baby was born, slimmed right down and walked the runway in her underwear while concerns havebeen raised about actress Tori Spelling who has become worryingly thin after the birth of her daughter a year ago. Hollywood star Jessica Alba apparently admitted feeling disgust at gaining weight whilst pregnant with her daughter Honor and expressed her excitement on losing the baby weight. Needless to say she shed half her body weight in a matter of months. How could a normal mum compete with this celeb dieting madness?
And should we even try? No, say the experts.

By keeping the extra weight gained on your bones, research has shown that this helps nourish your newborn baby. And be reassured, with your attention solely on looking after your new arrival rather than losing weight, the excess fat will naturally disappear.

“Women are exposed to many unrealistic images of female body size, and body size around pregnancy or after birth is no exception,” IQEHC spokesperson explains.

Good examples of sensible weight loss include Charlotte Church, Jennifer Lopez and Jools Oliver who all proudly displayed their post-baby figures and took their time to lose the weight.


What do you think? Do you aspire to the shrinking celebrities or do you agree that one year is a right amount of time to regain your post-baby shape? Let us know below…


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