New research: 63% of primary age children have had head lice

The new school term could see parents limiting contact with infested classmates


New research shows that 63% of primary age children have had head lice. That’s enough to make our skin crawl!


As the new term begins, the infestations of head lice won’t be far away, but the new study by Vosene Kids has also found that 50% of parents don’t tell friends when their child has head lice.

Unfortunately it seems nits are still a taboo and parents are often too embarrassed to share information about an outbreak of nits.

Vosene have now launched the first ever online head lice heat map to track outbreaks as they happen.

It’s hoped that the map will show nit hotspots around the country.

But of course the best way to beat the lice is early detection to avoid an invasion!

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