New research into autism deemed useless

Cambridge University researchers are under fire after suggested links between autism and a parent’s profession


New research into whether parents who have systemising jobs are more likely to have autistic children has caused uproar amongst parents of autistic children, Gillian Loughran, editor of Autism Eye magazine, claims.


The suggestion that two maths, science, technology or engineering focused professionals are more likely to have autistic children is being tested by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, director of Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. Hoards of parents called Gillian to express their annoyance following the news yesterday. Gillian, whose son Finn is autistic, claims that she could fill Cambridge University with parents of autistic children who aren’t in those professions.

Research into issues surrounding the cause and effects of autism in relation to toxins, the gut and mental health problems are what should be being focused on, notes Gillian. The current study underway has been called sensationalist and headline grabbing.

Funding for research and treatment for autism has the backing of President Obama in the United States, who has renewed the Combating Austism Act for another three years – with a whopping $693 million allocated for spending. Parents are urging David Cameron to follow his lead and increase the NHS’ ability to help autistic children and their families.


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