New trend alert: ‘Single by choice’ mums

Single women over 30 are seeking ‘baby pacts’ and adoption to become mums


Earlier this month, actress (and the world’s most famous singleton) Jennifer Aniston caused a debate when she claimed that she wouldn’t rule out artificial insemination to have a baby. “I’m ready for anything, bring it on,” she said in a TV interview.


And it seems that 40-year-old Jen isn’t alone. An increasing number of single women over the age of 30 are no longer worrying about jumping onto the property ladder – but on the ‘baby ladder’ instead and will not rule out alternative routes to get what they want.

A recent survey found that 7 out of 10 childless, lone women in their 30s are concerned that they may never get onto the ‘family ladder’, with 56% of them saying they would even consider making a ‘baby pact’ with a male friend if they failed to find a partner by a certain age.

The ticking biological clock story is nothing new, but according to Grazia magazine, a growing number of 30-something childless women who aren’t in relationships are experiencing a baby panic and are seeking alternative baby-making routes such as single-handed adoptions, sperm donors and IVF.

The new generation of ‘single choice’ mums is seeing a rise in single women using sperm donors and a 2.5-fold increase in the number of single women having IVF and while 9% of adoptions in the UK are now made by single people – mostly women.

“Our lifestyles don’t encourage us to have babies in our 20s – the ideal time, biologically speaking – but women are well aware that leaving it until after 35 may be too late,” Professor Olga van den Akker, head of psychology at Middlesex University, told Grazia. “Increasingly, we’re seeing a trend for women who haven’t yet found a partner to choose alternative ways to have a baby. As the single population explodes over the next decade, the number of women choosing this route is likely to increase.”


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