New York artist creates cheese made from breast milk

Adventurous eaters can sample cheese made from human breast milk at The Lady Cheese Shop


Miriam Simun, an art graduate from New York University, has crafted breast milk cheese by using the milk of three new mums. Miriam has a temporary art installation, called The Lady Cheese Shop, at a New York art gallery.


“Cheese is the conversation starter. Some people are loving it and some are gagging,” Miriam said.

After finding three new mums willing to have their breast milk turned into cheese, Miriam screened the milk for diseases, pasturised it and learned the basics of cheese-making.

The three cheeses are named West Side Funk, Midtown Smoke (described as creamy and just pure heaven) and Wisconsin Chew. The flavours and tastes of each reflects the diet of the mum who provided its milk.

Miriam is apparently hoping her cheese will make people think about the different ways human bodies are used as factories.

Last year, a New York chef served diners from his restaurant cheese made from his wife’s breast milk, and earlier this year an ice cream parlor in London began buying women’s breast milk to make the frozen treats

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