WATCH: Newborn baby astounds his mum by feeding himself his bottle

(And we've got to admit it does make for uber-cute viewing)


Well check out this hungry little boy slurping his bottle all by himself and then casually discarding it when he’s finished!


Amazingly, baby Adam Power is just 18 days old and has already mastered the art of self-feeding.

His mum, Navy, from New Jersey, USA, shared footage of her tiny tot on You Tube, where the video of him gripping his bottle, tilting it just right, and knocking back his feed has proved to be something of a hit.

Navy said she first noticed Adam holding on to the bottle by himself when his granny put his hands on it during a feed – he then went on to be able to take the weight of it, and angle it for optimum milk flow. Clever boy, huh?

Of course, it’s not safe to leave a baby to feed itself – we’re pretty sure this mum was always close at hand while her little one was feeding.

And, we have to say, while we think this is mega sweet, isn’t *whispers* one of the nicest things ever in the early newborn days snuggling up with your baby and feeding them yourself?

While we think Adam is totes awesome, we don’t want our little ones growing out of the early baby stage too quickly, do we?  

Pics: Adam Adventures/YouTube 

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