Newborn baby awarded free hotel stays for life

Baby born in lobby of hotel and bellboy acts as midwife


A mum has given birth in the lobby of a Dubai hotel and her baby has been given free stay for life in the fancy abode.


The mum started to make her way downstairs from her room on the 17th floor in the Grand Midwest Hotel after she went into labour. Aiming for the hospital, she delivered her baby in the hotel lobby, with a little help from an ever-attentive bellboy.

“I saw her leaning on the sofa and I rushed to her and asked her if she needed a wheelchair,” said bellboy-turned-midwife, Ram Chandra Sharma. “She told me to get two towels and I ran up to the sixth floor health club and got the towels.”

Hotel owner Mohammad Arshard Shah has given the new arrival a free lifetime stay in the hotel, and is even going to name a room in the complex after the baby.

The Grand Midwest baby joins other arrivals who have been born in unusual places and benefited from free goodies due to their birth locations.


Liew Siaw Hsia gave birth 2,000 feet in the air while on a flight and got free lifetime flights with AirAsia. However mum Georgia Morgan welcomed baby Maisie in her local KFC car park, but is still waiting for her lifetime supply of KFC!

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