Newborn baby born with natural highlights

Forget paying for expensive highlights, one new arrival was born with them already there!


Parents of tiny Larna Allman were shocked when she arrived with blonde streaks in her dark brown hair.


Mum Sandra and dad Paul, who both have dark hair were amazed at the rare ‘highlighted’ locks on their little one.

Larna, who was born at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, bewildered staff with here strange colouring with Sandra claiming the midwives were “flabbergasted”.

“All the doctors who have seen her have been astonished – especially since neither of us is blonde,” she said.

“Maybe her hair decided to be blonde but then changed its mind. A lot of people think we coloured it, but it’s completely natural.”

Dad Paul added: “If it stays like that for a long time then Larna will get a lot of attention!”

The couple added that they like to joke that labour took 12 hours because Larna was busy getting her hair done.


Did your baby arrive with a funky hair-do? Let us know …

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