Nintendo 3DS gets a festive update in time for Christmas

MFM gets its hands on the new Nintendo 3DS Metallic Red and discovers Mario Land


Yesterday saw the launch of the Nintendo 3DS Metallic Red console. So it was very fitting that the launch was held at Red Cocktail Bar inSoho.


After being greeted with a delicious red fruit champagne cocktail, MFM got the chance to try its hand at the new games for the 3DS console.

Nintendo has updated the portable Nintendo 3DS system so that you can now capture 3D video footage. It’s sure to top many Christmas lists this year as you can record footage and view it in 3D, without the need for special glasses. What a perfect way to capture your Christmas memories in all their glory. 

Also new for Christmas are two Mario games for Nintendo 3DS. Super Mario 3D Land is released on 18th November, and Mario Kart 7, goes on sale on 2nd December. MFM took Mario for a spin in Super Mario Land 3D and was very impressed with the 3D function and how easy Mario is to control.

A fantastic feature for parents is that the Nintendo 3DS has parental controls that let you manage the content your children can access and you can even turn off the 3D function.


It’s bound to be a huge hit for Christmas. And, if you ask nicely, your child might even let you play on it…

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