No child tax credits for those earning over £50K, say mums

A new survey shows the majority of mums want to cut tax credits for higher earners


Just over half of mums in the UK believe child tax credits should only be given to families earning less than £50k a year, according to a new survey,


However, the poll, by family shopping club, also revealed that 44% of parents wanted to keep tax credits for families earning over £50K. So it’s a split issue.

Currently, families who earn a joint income up to £58,000 can qualify for child tax credits. If you have a child aged under 1, this is raised to £66,000.

However, the new Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition Government is planning to reduce child tax credits by cutting hundreds of pounds a year from higher income families.

‘It’s going to be a difficult balancing act to ensure that they are keeping mums across the UK happy,’ says Clare Scott Dryden from KidStart.

One mum who responded to the survey said, “It’s not about what you earn but what your circumstances are – a family with four children earning £50k is less well off than a family with one child.”


Another mum in favour of the cut argued, “These credits were introduced to assist those in poverty – many parents simply save or invest their credits; they should be for families that need it most.”

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