No one’s safe! Cameron reveals head lice have arrived at number 10!

Prime Minister stocks up on head lice treatment after Arthur and Nancy come home with nits

The Prime Minister has warned any visitors to number 10 recently to watch out for head lice, after two of his children returned from school with itchy heads.


“If you find them when you get home I apologise,” David Cameron told journalists. “Let me know and I’ll send you some ointment.”

According to the PM, both Nancy, 7, and Arthur, 4, came home with nits and had to suffer the dreaded nit combing and treatment.

The press pack shouldn’t get too worried, though, as David himself has not had a bout of nits yet.  But head lice aren’t just attracted to little heads, as many people think and they can affect adults too. Children are just especially susceptible because the critters clamber from head to head during close contact while they play.


There are many other myths about head lice but some, including the lice’s preference for short or clean hair, aren’t actually true! Just received the letter from school? Find out more about how to treat head lice.

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