No truth to Asda kidnap rumours

Supermarket is victim of an urban myth


A story has been spreading like wildfire online claiming that a little girl was abducted in an Asda supermarket, but it’s completely untrue. 


The supermarket was flooded with calls from worried parents and colleagues after a story surfaced last week about a child going missing in an Asda store in Manchester. The rumour stated that the doors of the store were then locked and the girl was found in the toilets with two Romanian women who had cut her hair and dressed her in boys’ clothes.

A representative from Asda confirmed the story is absolutely untrue but it seems to resurface in various guises every now and then. It spreads via the internet and text message, and has even appeared in the US as well as the UK.


A message posted on the Asda message board by the Press Office said, “This urban myth has circulated for more than 10 years and sometimes rears its head. It’s as untrue today as it’s ever been.”


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