Parents outraged after Noel Fielding’s Bake Off fridge stunt

"What was Channel 4 thinking?"


Here at MFM HQ, we do love a bit of Bake Off action – and when we asked our mums on Facebook whether you were still watching the show, it was, in the main, a resounding yes.


However, in the new series – now on Channel 4 – there’s been uproar over new host Noel Fielding’s fridge stunt, so much so that TV regulator Ofcom may need to step in to investigate.

Furious parents took to social media to show their disbelief after co-host Sandy Toksvig opened a fridge door to reveal Noel hiding inside.

Great British Bake Off – Noel Fielding hiding and being shut in a fridge by Sandi Toksvig. Great message to all the kids watching,” said one person on Twitter.

Then there was this: “Not watching again – absolutely disgusted with contestant innuendos and stupidity of fridge hiding. No longer family friendly ? ? “

And this: “Children have accidentally died playing inside fridges & freezers. What was @Channel4 thinking of putting #GBBO presenter in a fridge?”


Now, there is no doubt that it is NOT a good idea for your little one to hide in a fridge – and we can see why parents could be concerned at what they saw.

Especially as Bake Off is on before 9pm and there could well be kids up and watching and getting ideas.

What do you think?

Did you watch the episode? Were you shocked at the fridge joke? Or did you find it funny?

Maybe you weren’t watching at the time – but, if you had been, would you have been tempted to put in a call to Channel 4?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

Image: Channel 4

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