You are never left disappointed by a picture of North West - whether she is rocking a leather legging for a play date, or sporting a mummy-and-me fashion look with Kim, it is always so much more than just another cute baby pic!


And this latest portrait probably trumps every snap that has gone before it, as North does the best ever Kanye-style scowl for the cameras.

Kanye scowls at photographers

To be fair to North, it's probably not a lot of fun being papped everywhere you go, and especially not when you have just endured a long haul flight from sunny LA to cold, rainy London, and your granny is trying to reclaim your luggage and clear customs.

Assuming that when your granny is Kris Jenner you still have to do all those things of course...

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North - who is not yet two - turned her head towards the waiting photographers and gave them what can only be described as a Kanye snarl - eyes narrowed, lip curled!

Dressed all in black for her transatlantic flight, the nipper was certainly giving off a 'don't mess with me!' vibe, especially as her ensemble was finished off with a pair of cherry red Dr Martens bovver boots! Perfect for doing a bit of toddler stomping in if all the travelling (or paps) got too much, perhaps?!

In fact, North's wardrobe has been causing a bit of a rumpus in celeb-land of late with animal-loving Sharon Osborne slamming Kim and Kanye's decision to dress the toddler in fur - although it's not clear whether North's black furry jacket was fake or real fur.

A wound-up Sharon told Closer magazine that North was not "an accessory".

"She shouldn't be wearing ugly couture clothes," the outspoken star said. "Fur makes me physically sick, and wearing it is a very dated way of showing everyone how rich you are. Our grandparents did it, but now we've been educated, it's cruel to keep the trade going."

We can't imagine that's going to go down too well with style-conscious Kim and Kanye - wonder if they are all now furling their lips in Mrs O generated fury?!

Picture credit: Palace Lee/Rex and Shutterstock

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