Nursery to roll out fingerprint scans for parents

London nursery introduces hi-tech security system


A children’s nursery in London is set to introduce high-level security measures in the next few weeks. These include including scanning parents’ fingerprints and requesting a password before they’re allowed in to collect their children, extending CCTV coverage, upgrading locks and fences and giving visiting suppliers personal IDs.


As part of an £80,000 investment plan, Asquith Day Nursery in West Dulwich is being upgraded with this hi-tech security. The programme also includes educational investment with interactive whiteboards and programmable toys for toddlers.

“Our top priority is child safety and security,”states Asquith Nurseries CEO Andy Morris. “This pioneering programme goes further than ever before towards providing a totally safe environment for children entrusted to our care by parents.”

The plan is to roll out the 21st century facelift to Asquith’s other 83 nationwide nurseries.

“Children today live in an age where fingerprints and iris scanning will be commonplace in their world as they grow – so it’s our job to make sure that they know all about ‘wow’ technology at the earliest possible opportunity,” explains Andy Morris. “They don’t need to sit at standard keyboards and get bored. We’ve introduced ‘Smart Boards’ they can put their hands on and do paintwork electronically. But at the same time they can still have rolls of paper, crayons and pencils.”

Nursery manager, Michaela Waitman, believes the community has welcomed the new technology, saying, “Every parent we have spoken to about the new security and educational programmes loves the concepts. They see a double advantage with security and new ‘wow’ technology.”


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