Obese mum has newborn taken into care

One-day-old baby and siblings taken into care due to fears they’ll become clinically obese


Social workers have taken an obese mum’s newborn baby into care along with other children after being warned her family must lose weight.


Last year, the family was allegedly told social workers would intervene if three of their six children didn’t lose weight within three months, reports the Daily Mail.

Before falling pregnant, the 40-year-old mum apparently weighed 23 stone, her toddler weighed 4 stone, her 11-year-old weighed 12 stone and her 13-year-old weighed 16 stone.

Earlier this year, a report supposedly showed Dundee City Council planned to have a team of specialist help the family – for a cost of £114,000. But last month, with the eldest child already in care, two of the other children were also placed into care.

The dad, who weighs 18 stone, said, “They were accusing me and my wife of physical and emotional abuse and physical neglect – and we deny all that.”

His wife gave birth on Monday, and on Tuesday, their newborn was removed.


Yesterday, it was decided that the couple’s remaining three children should also go into care.

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