‘Octomum’ Nadya Suleman dresses up as pregnant nun for Hallowe’en!

Mum-of-14 becomes ‘Octonun’ with her octuplets dressed as devils


Taking her eight babies trick or treating, and poking fun at herself at the same time, Nadya Suleman’s choice of Hallowe’en outfit was sure to raise a few eyebrows!


The controversial ‘Octomum’ dressed up as a heavily pregnant nun complete with her eight babies, clad in red mini devil outfits, travelling in two giant prams draped in spooky spiders webs.

With the news of Nadya starring in her own reality TV show, it looks like it’ll be interesting viewing to say the least if her trick or treating getup is anything to go by!

The single and jobless mum experienced a backlash after it was revealed she used IVF to conceive her octuplets – even though she was already mum of six. Doctors and Nadya were criticised for going ahead with the pregnancy, with some questioning her motifs.


The eight babies, born in California in January this year, were only the second set of octuplets to survive for more than a few hours after birth.

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