Oh no! There’s a pumpkin shortage – just before Halloween

How to make sure you have a pumpkin to carve on October 31


If you’re planning to carve a pumpkin with your little child this Halloween then there could be horror ahead! UK farmers have warned of a pumpkin shortage, which some are describing as a ‘pumpkin crisis’.


The warm summer followed by heavy rain has meant hundreds of vegetables rotting in fields. The pumpkin growers say it’s been the worst pumpkin season in a decade. On some farms JCB diggers are even being used to remove the soggy wasted crops, according to the Guardian.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. A pumpkin crisis? Well, we’re not suggesting you go out and panic buy 10 pumpkins. But, if you’re anything like us and tend to rely on nipping to the local supermarket for one on October 30 – then this is the year to go early to avoid any “Where’s my pumpkin?!”tantrums. You have been warned!

Storing your pumpkin

  • If you do get your pumpkin a week early then store it outside at a temperature under 15°C and no colder than 10°C.
  • If frost is expected then cover with cardboard.
  • If it’s going to rain then move your pumpkin indoors or put it in a shed or greenhouse.
  • Your pumpkin will actually last for up to 6 months – until it’s carved…

So how long does a carved pumpkin last?

The pumpkin will look its best for the first 24 hours. By 48 hours, it will have started to dry, shrink and shrivel. It will eventually go mouldy.

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