Oldest mum-to-be at 66

About to give birth in her 60s, Britain's oldest mum will be 80 when her child is 14

A British businesswoman is to become Britain’s oldest mum at the ripe age of 66. Elizabeth Adeney conceived her baby through IVF using a donor egg and is now eight months pregnant. She’s defended her decision to have a baby saying her physical age is not as important as how old she feels inside.
The childless divorcee travelled to the Ukraine to receive IVF treatment, and despite warnings from fertility experts, Elizabeth is planning to give birth at a clinic in Cambridge next month.
IVF expert Professor Severino Antinori, who aided 62-year-old Patricia Rashbrook give birth three years ago, criticised Elizabeth’s decision.
He said, “I respect the choice medically, but I think anything over the age of 63 is risky because you canoot guarantee the child will have a loving mother or family.
It is possible to give a child to the mother up to the age of 83 but it is medically criminal because the likelihood is the child will lose his mum and suffer from psychological problems.”
Mrs Adeney claims she feels 39 inside and is fitter than women a third of her age. She said: I don’t have to defend what I have done. It’s between me, my baby and no-one else. I don’t expect anyone else to understand it, I’m not asking them too. I’m amazed that me having a baby is of any interest at all to anyone.”



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