Olivia Wilde: ‘My breastmilk ice-bucket challenge’

Hollywood actress and new mum Olivia Wilde says she was up ‘all night’ pumping enough milk for her unusual ALS challenge


Hollywood star Olivia Wilde has completed the ice-bucket challenge with a difference: she’s drenched herself in icy ‘breastmilk’ instead of icy water.


The 30-year-old new mum and Tron star accepted her nomination for the ALS challenge from Glee star Dianna Agron and child actor Ty Simpkins – and then set Twitter on fire with her unusual choice of bucket liquid.

“I hope it’s OK. Couldn’t find any water, so I’m going to use breastmilk,” Olivia says in her video. “It took me all night to make this…”

The actress, who was recently photographed breastfeeding her son Otis for Glamour magazine, then throws a bucket of icy cold white stuff over her head.

It was all just a prank, of course. But the joke looked in danger of backfiring when fans took the Tron actress at her word and she had to take to Twitter to set the record straight.

“Oh, wait some of you thought that was really breastmilk? Oh dear. Uh thank you but my boobs aren’t that generous! Haha,” she tweeted.

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