On your marks, get set… we race down to the cinema for a preview of Disney’s Cars2!


What better way to spend a wet Saturday morning than in the cinema? And this wasn’t just any old cinema trip – we were off to see the newest Disney release, Cars2. Our main reviewer for the day was Joe, 5, and he’s a pretty big cars fan, so he was raring to go. After a gorgeous breakfast we browsed all the new Cars2 toys. Video games, scalextric-type racing tracks and even scooters based on mcqueen and his best pal Mater. Joe’s stamp of approval went to the lego sets.
The big review


Cars2 was very different from the first one, and involves the characters getting involved in international espionage. Whereas the first one’s quite a gentle character-driven film about learning the importance of friendship and humility, Cars2 is a far more high-octane experience. Great big set piece action sequences, explosions, chases and plenty of knowing humour for mums and dads. Some of the CGI is breathtaking, particularly in some early sequences set on board an oil rig. New cast members include Brits Sir Michael Caine and Eddie Izzard and Emily Mortimer. Joe seemed content with all the biff bang pow, even if the twists and turns of the plot were a bit much for him. There’s also a nice gentle bit at the beginning with a tribute to Doc – a character now passed away – doc was voiced by Paul Newman in the first film, so it’s a bit of a tribute. And all, of course, in eye popping 3D!


Cars2 is out now

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