One in four pregnant women pretend to drink alcohol

Survey shows nearly three quarters of mums-to-be keep their bump a secret at some point


A quarter of newly expectant mums pretend to drink alcohol during their first trimester to hide that they’re pregnant according to a new survey.


Almost three quarters (73%) of the 3,000 mums-to-be and mothers have admitted to keeping their bump a secret at some point during their pregnancy, especially at parties.

When there’s alcohol about, the top excuses pregnant women use to avoid having a glass, including drinking soft drinks that look like an alcoholic drink, offering to be the driver and pretending to be on antibiotics.

Most women tend to hide their pregnancy at work socials, hen dos, birthdays and Christmas parties, the survey shows. As well as pretending to drink alcohol, one in four expectant mums have also admitted to hiding their growing bumps with clever clothing.

According to the survey led by Centrum Pregnancy Care, 59% of pregnant women choose to keep their bump a secret until they have got past the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy, while one in 10 don’t reveal the pregnancy news until after their second scan.

“They don’t have to, but a lot of women choose to wait until after their first scan (12 weeks) to tell people they are pregnant. On of the main reasons is that one in five pregnancies miscarries in the first trimester,” said Dr Dawn Harper.

“Others take the view that they will tell close friends and family earlier because they would tell them if they miscarried and they therefore might as well share the good news first too,” Dawn added.

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