One-year-old boy told he visits A&E too much

Toddler’s parents were shocked when he received a letter telling him to use the NHS more wisely


A 1-year-old has received a letter in the post telling him off for visiting his local A&E department too much.


Morgan Bell was treated for severe tonsillitis at the Royal Infirmary’s Accident and Emergency department in Hull in January. When his parents saw he was showing similar symptoms later in May, they took him back to the same hospital.

But after the second trip, 1-year-old Morgan received a letter telling him to be “more resourceful of NHS resources.”

Morgan’s mum, Emma Lloyd, said she was shocked when the letter dropped on their doorstep, addressed to the 1-year-old.

“It’s a shameful thing to send out to parents who worry constantly about their children,” she said.


NHS Hull has since admitted the letter shouldn’t have been addressed to Morgan. Probably because at 12 months he couldn’t actually read the thing, eh?

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