Oprah Winfrey gives $250,000 to parents of sextuplets

The chat show host was so moved by the McGhee family’s Facebook picture, she asked them onto her show and offered her help

Oprah Winfrey loved the intimate snap that Mia and Rozonno McGhee posted on Facebook with their sextuplets so much she personally asked them to appear on her show and gave them $250,000 in Walmart credit.


The couple, from Columus in the US, are the first couple to conceive sextuplets after undergoing IVF treatment and revealed that they were struggling with the demands of 50 nappies and 30 bottles a day. “It can be overwhelming, but it’s a joy. It’s a joy being a mom,” mum Mia told Oprah.

Mia and Rozonno’s story touched Oprah so much, she gave them a generous gift of $250,000 Walmart credit, plus a belated honeymoon to Las Vagas.

The gorgeous snap that caught Oprah’s eye was of Mia and Rozonno and their six babies Olivia, Madison, Rozonno Jr, Josiah, Elijah and Isaac, which was posted on the couple’s Facebook profile.


Singer and new mum to twins Celine Dion also stepped in to offer generous gifts including front row tickets to her show in Las Vegas. Hmm, we think we’d rather get that Walmart credit to buy baby gear!


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