A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… a mum was told she wouldn't be able to have any more children.


When Amber Bartlett was told she'd be unable to conceive again she felt her life was turning to the dark side.

Amber had been diagnosed with cancer and a rare copper deficiency disease that meant her 2 children would never have a little brother or sister.

But against all the odds, 11 years after her diagnosis, a miracle happened… Amber fell pregnant with a baby boy.


Doctors didn’t hold much hope for the little mite, as Amber's autoimmune disease and bi-weekly blood infusions left them unsure if she'd be able to carry her baby to term.

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But somehow, against all the odds, they made it through. And although he was born with jaundice, issues with his lung and a weakened immune system – baby Ezra is now happy and healthy.


So, because the force is strong with this one – and his mum's a bit of a Star Wars superfan – they roped in his photographer aunty Trish McCoy to put together a photo shoot that's truly out of this galaxy.


The resulting Star Wars-inspired pictures are amazing and Trish says they "mark the beginning of light after years of darkness in his mum's life", sharing the pictures on Bored Panda.


She added, "This young padawan is fighting all the battle droids and stormtroopers coming his way and winning every battle."


In the photos Ezra – who's named after a Jedi rebel – poses with a lightsabre, wearing traditional brown Jedi robes.

Which picture is your favourite?

Photos: Facebook / Trish McCoy

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