Over 500,000 families live with three generations under the same roof

As the cost of living forces families to live together, three-generation households have reached levels last seen in Victorian times


The number of households with three or more generations of the same family living together has reached levels last seen in Victorian times.


Increasingly mums and dads are sandwiched between caring for their own parents and looking after their young children.

The Changing Times study carried out by Ancestry.co.uk, found that the crippling cost of living means 517,000 homes have grandparents, parents and children living under the same roof – a rise of 7% in the past five years.

By 2030 this figure is likely to surpass the peak of 608,000 three-genertation households in the mid 1850s.

Miriam Silverman of Ancestry.co.uk told the Daily Mail, “The report tells us how the boom that came with the Industrial Revolution led to some quite severe overcrowding – just as we’re experiencing today.

“It’s interesting to see how a property boom driven by economic growth can price millions out of the market, whether in industrial Manchester in the 1800s, or the suburbs of London today.”

The Changing Times study also found that one in 10 parents (4.7 million) have their grown-up children living with them.

As well as this the shortage of affordable housing has forced some families to take in lodgers.

So if you’re worried about the kids eventually flying the nest, you may have longer to prepare yourself than you thought!

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