Over-the-counter paternity tests coming soon

Fathers can take home DNA test to check who’s the daddy


Men who are concerned if they’re actually the biological father of their children will soon be able to buy an over-the-counter DNA paternity tests.


The paternity test pack will have three sets of two mouth swabs, so cheek cells from worried dad and the child can be collected. While the DNA test will be sold in chemists for about £30, there’s an additional £199 to pay in laboratory fees, reports the Telegraph. You can buy the DNA paternity tests online.

International Biosciences, in Kent, is the company that’s making the tests available in Britain. Its chief executive, Ian Meekins, has said he expected “huge demand” for the DNA paternity tests based on how well they’ve done in America.

Nearly half the tests International Biosciences carries out show the man is not the biological dad, Ian Meekins said.


What isn’t clear is what happens to families once the test results are returned, and the results aren’t the ones they had hoped for…


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