Paloma Faith’s childbirth confession: “I believed it would be perfect – but everything went to s***”

Paloma also opened up to the London O2 Arena about her pregnancy weight gain, which made her feel "hideous"


Mum of one Paloma Faith’s been getting candid about childbirth, aka “the most life-changing thing ever”. Yeeeeep.


Speaking to the audience of her sold out London O2 Arena gig, the 36-year-old singer confessed that her rosy ideas about an idealistic labour hadn’t quite come to fruition.

“I really, really believed that I was going to have this perfect, natural birth. But everything went to s**t,” she said on stage.

“I was like ‘Yeah, I’ve got a good pain threshold’ but nine hours with no pain relief and stood over a bed, I was like, ‘Can I have some drugs now please?'”

“All my dreams of being this bohemian beauty just fizzled. I was instantly the contemporary woman who can’t handle it.

“But I’m aware that I would’ve died in Victorian times had I gone through what I did.”

paloma faith

Paloma, whose child’s name and sex have been kept private from the public, also opened up to the 20,000-strong crowd about her post-baby weight struggles.

During her pregnancy, she says she gained approx 3 stone (or 42lbs), and the pressure to ‘bounce back’ following the birth made her feel awful about herself.

“Afterwards I beat myself up for a long time because I put on 3 stone. “I thought ‘You’re hideous, how can you go in the public eye?’ and everyone told me you lose a stone after birth, but no, I was 3 stone after the birth so I must’ve put on 4 stone.

“I was really worried about it and I was really horrible to myself and I lost a lot of it but I’ve kept some as a souvenir.

“I just thought, I’ll keep a bit of that to remind myself.”

Sounds like Paloma had a real tough time of childbirth – and of all the pressures to look a certain way that come with being a new mum.

We hope she’s coming to terms with her traumatic experience, feeling more confident about her new mum physique (of course, she looks great) – but most importantly, enjoying the cuddles and smiles and ups and downs of being a new mum ?

Images: Instagram/Paloma Faith

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