Parenting standards are not declining

Labelling parents “pushy” or “feckless” is incorrect and unhelpful, says Family and Parenting Institute


At the start of National Parenting Week, the Family and Parenting Institute has insisted that contrary to popular belief, parenting standards are not on the decline.


Mums and dads are frequently labelled as “pushy” or “feckless”, but according to Dr Katherine Rake from the Institute, these stereotypes are unhelpful and incorrect.

“The scrutiny of parenting has led to the idea of a parenting ‘deficit’, and the view that there are a growing number of parents who are incapable,” said Dr Katherine. “Yet, this focus of parenting skills is not matched by conclusive evidence about a decline in our standards of parenting.”

Dr Katherine added that parenting has actually become more “professional” and that there should be a distinction between so-called “problem families” and parents who are doing their best in the face of difficult circumstances.

Stats back up Dr Katherine’s comments, suggesting that working mums today spend more time with their children than working mums did back in 1981.

Do you feel mums and dads are judged too quickly today?

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