Parents ignoring car safety because they’re “too busy”

One in five parents regularly breaks the law with their child in the car, according to a new survey.


Busy parents are regularly breaking the law with their children in the car – because they’re in a hurry.


Failing to strap children into car seats and allowing children to ride without seatbelts on are the most common rules parents are flouting, new research has revealed.

The top excuses parents gave were that they were running late or were too busy, while dads were bigger offenders than mums.

The survey of 1,000 parents by child car seat manufacturer Britax also found less than half had their car seats properly fitted.

“Car seats which are installed incorrectly will not be as effective in protecting a child in the event of a collision, so it’s very important that we encourage parents to use car seats correctly every time,” said Britax Child Safety Expert Mark Bennett.

Britax released the research to coincide with National Child Safety Week this week. We explain how to keep your baby and child safe at home and what the latest car seat laws are.


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