Parents lie to their children 100 times a year

Poll reveals a third of parents have also lied to schools


Parents lie to their children 100 times a year on average, a new poll by insurance company Shelia’s Wheels has found.


The survey asked 1,000 parents about their fib telling habits, finding 90% tell their children off for lying, don’t seem to be setting a good example themselves!

A popular lie for mums and dads to tell their children are the old favourites, such as:

If you watch too much television you’ll get square eyes.

If you tell lies your nose will grow like Pinocchio.

The poll also found a third of parents have lied to their child’s teacher to get them out of school for the day, while two thirds also admitted to using their children as an excuse to get out of going to a party or for being late.


What fibs do you tell your children? Share your stories with other mums below….

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