Parents more money savvy second time round

According to new research, 47% of mums and dads buy more value brands for their second child than their first-born


UK parents are thriftier with their second child than their first, with 47% buying more value brands, new research has revealed.


The study of 1,018 parents, conducted by, revealed that those with two children under the age of 5 buy cheaper brands second time round.

Of the mums and dads surveyed, 28% admitted they buy cheaper baby grows for their second, 16% purchase value baby food for baby number 2 and 9% change to a more purse-friendly brand of nappies.

When asked why they had changed from premium to value, 57% said it was to save money while 21% felt they were being ripped off first time.

Asked if they felt guilty about the differing spending habits, 32% admitted to feeling a little guilty while 43% said they feel no guilt at all.

But, 41% of the parents surveyed stated they bought the same amount of value brands for both their children and 74% use their first-born’s old clothes for their new baby.

Did you change your spending habits with baby number two?

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